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How May I Help You Get to Heaven By Bernadette A. Moyer Assuming you believe in heaven, and I do, what if, every person we met and every relationship that we have our intention was simply “how may I help you to end up in heaven?” Imagine that. Touch the joys and troubles of your friends...
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(This post is a continuation of the preceding post, so scroll down to read them in order.)  The only person privy to my haunting was my friend Vivian, who had sent me to the psychic in the first place, and who had no trouble believing my story. She had long claimed to be, God love her, a white...
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I was *beside* myself with excitement to get an interview with the HOT NEW GHOST INVESTIGATORS, Bad Max and Vexie, stars of Ghostriders Paranormal, the new series airing here    ( http://www.viddler.com/explore/GhostridersTV/videos/1/ )!  If you click now, you can view the trailer! It's premiering...