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Stationary and can anyone explain why....Current mood:rather tired and in need of a glass of red wine...Category: Writing and Poetry Why the hell a six year olds stationary list for school would include a calculator? How fucn...
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Stepping out of my genre Not long ago my agent presented me with a challenge I wasn’t sure I could accept. Parties I cannot name here decided to assemble an anthology to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone TV show. She said they wanted to get this thing into bookstores in a hurry...
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My interview with Talk About My Favorite Authors is live! Check it out here: http://talkaboutmyfavoriteauthors.blogspot.com/2009/01/interviewing-marg... Enjoy!
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It's nice to read some good news.  The National Endowment for the Arts' report, Reading on the Rise, states that reading is up among all adults, largely due to reading programs begun after the NEA published a similar, and much more dour, report called Reading at Risk.  According to the report,...
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Here's some fun. I dug out some old critiques from a creative writing course I took a long, long time ago, a year or so before I quit writing. This was at the height of my over-styled and wildly-wrought routine. Rough eviscerations. Some things have changed. My use of language has been tempered....
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I spent years planning to write, thinking about writing, and talking about writing. What I didn't do for a very long time was actually write. What gave me the kick I needed to get me going? I almost died. I was watching the X-Files one Sunday night, eating a brand of crisps that I'm not going to...
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The hardest thing about writing is doubting yourself. I go through this nearly every day and in ways that are too numerous to even catalogue. There are the doubts at the beginning of projects where I don't know if I can pull them off. There are doubts throughout projects as to whether the means or...
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I kneaded bread dough, my flour-covered hand pushing hard into the eleven-grain mound.  The dull ache in my shoulder intensified.  This sourdough mixture was as stiff as adobe soil in summer.  Probably due to the extra graham flour I’d added this time.  Would the stuff ever loosen up? Last week, my...
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I love writing poems but I also love reading them aloud - especially when I have a poetry reading in the evening.  It happened many times that after I have read the poems that I have planned to read, people have asked me to read one more poem and one more and I ended up reading the entire book and...
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We had a discussion this morning, which started over the clock on the wall. It is about five minutes slow, set that way by accident. Where do we turn to get the exact time? My husband says, 'my watch is set exactly to the CBC, which is accurate within a second.' I can use that. For even more...