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Feelin' like a rock star and getting ready to embark on my first ever book tour. This once, though, I think I'll forsake the booze and the groupies. :) In preparation, I had been doing a few dates within driving distance of Los Angeles, and there's nothing quite like the combination of a road trip...
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Heroic Actions?   Absolutely.A Hero?    Um, not so sure... I’m a literal person, inept at verbal volleyball and frustrated by euphemistic rejection phrases like "not right for our list" or "not sure how to market this." I hate using slang and improper grammar to craft authentic-...
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Everything is a go. I've edited my book very carefully. I've checked, and checked again. I'm ready to publish! Hooray!! I'm a self-publisher. Editing my own work is the only way open to me at this stage in my writing. I may never achieve what I want in any other way. At least I'll be able to hawk...
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After a long and trying journey, I finished A Will to Love and submitted it. My editor just responded with kudoes on the writing and a shiny new contract! I am so thrilled!!! Hope all my mystery fans will enjoy my first ROMANCE! It is a short novella or long short story, however you want to look at...
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I am currently trying to prepare my entry for this year's Amazon Breakthrough Contest that is run by the CreateSpace group.  I hope to get my submission ready in the next twelve days seeing as how the deadline is coming up soon (February 2nd at midnight of the morning that is).  Hopefully good...
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Often, as I read one of the few literary journals I subscribe to or the fiction section of the New Yorker I am struck by the sensation that what I am viewing is MFA writers writing for MFA editors, who learned and absorbed their ability to judge the merits of a piece of writing from MFA professors...
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Freedom isn't free if we as individuals and societies are unwilling to embrace responsibility and consequence as an inseparable part of it. Our times, our cultures, our singular voices trap those freedoms in shadows, myriad shades of grey taking frightening bites out of our comforts, those sharp...
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An excerpt from columnist Steve Lopez in today's Los Angeles Times:  "A woman had come to a book signing of mine last year and insisted that I look at some of her decades-old stories and photos to see if they could be published. I later FedExed them back, but she claimed hey never arrived and...
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My guest post is up on Bertram's Blog. Here's the link: http://ptbertram.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/from-conception-to-birth-one-b... Enjoy! Margayhttp://margayleahjustice.com
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I ran into an interesting post over at David Anthony Durham's blog on science fiction...or more specifically, a post on why David's not going to be writing science fiction any time soon. Of course the point David's trying to make--using some incomprehensible prose from an article in New Scientist--...