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I missed it. I can't believe I missed it. It's only because I saw a posting by Lizzie Skurnick that I remembered. Harriet the Spy turned fifty. How could she be fifty? She's timeless, like Ramona, like Sara Crewe. However, the book is indeed fifty years old. In fifth grade, I read books that...
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    The cougars are normally pacing, sometimes though, one will be up in the rocks. I’ve never seen them cuddled together so I thought this was a nice shot. :)  But the real question is, are they real cougars or shapeshifters? Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo Google Play ARe Books...
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I recently went through a spell of thinking that I should be getting more enjoyment out of writing and that there was something slightly wrong with me because I wasn’t. Writing runs the gamut for me. It can be laugh-out-loud wonderful, but it can also be cheerless and difficult, and sometimes goes...
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Yesterday and today are rewind sort of days, days focused on thoughts and actions with words that begin with 're'.  A long walk through varying conditions of windy rain and sunshine was on store, which always refreshes and aids me when re-examining myself and my world and life.  After...
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So I've got a little story for you about this Amtrak Residency thing (warning: this story may contain images of violence commited by Thomas Pynchon and 3 card monty). [View the story "#AmtrakResidency" on Storify]
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I’m at Sia’s Thoughts over Coffee today for another chance and have one more on Monday, and that’s it! :) http://siamckye.blogspot.com/2014/03/interview-with-terry-spear.html A black bear and his turkey vulture friends. And I just completed Matheson Clan Bear triplets for another order and will be...
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I'm supposed to be writing now.  I was supposed to be in meetings this morning.  Well, I was.  I reviewed the agendas, called in and listened...while I read. Yes, a book has seduced me.   Little forewarning was there, unless I paid attention to the clues, clues like New...
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In the good ol' days, writers would, if they were lucky, get the chance to do magazine interviews or if they're very, very lucky, a guest spot on a talk show. Well, unless you're really famous or a celebrity, that rarely happens these days. So what's a writer to do? Plenty! Authors aren't stuck and...
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            “There’s never a level playing field,” says Sting, in the brilliant documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom.  You can skip this little essay and go straight to your television to watch that film if you like. It speaks for itself....
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OK. This is a damned good interview with Tracy Letts. There is something here for every author to learn. [DE] "After I gave my mom the play [“August: Osage County”]to read, her first comment was, “You’ve been very kind to my mother.” Which is true. Had I portrayed my grandmother as accurately...