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  Doesn’t that sound like a Celtic band? Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be as special without some Highlanders wearing kilts in the mix. I reached 65,000 yesterday on Cougar’s Mate, disappointed that I hadn’t done more than that. I had hoped to dig in and write to 70,000. But I have a problem....
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I’m not romantic, but …   http://markrhunter.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-valentine-message-or-else.html   “I’m going to tell you a secret: A secret that will seem stunning, coming from a man who writes romance novels:”
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Oct 20-25, 2014 | Salt Cay, Bahamas Did you know that William Styron put the finishing touches on Sophie’s Choice while vacationing on Salt Cay, Bahamas? Or that Anne Morrow Lindbergh worked on Gift From The Sea on Salt Cay as well? Now you too can practice your craft on this beautiful private...
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Photo: Stevie Nicks, from her Wikipedia page.  Read on for the AHS: Coven connection, especially if you haven't seen the show.   It's over now, anyway, and the ending was so disappointing that I didn't even want to write about that.  That's bad, and that's how bad it was.  The...
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I wanted to share this chapter from one of my favorite writing books, Views from the Loft: A Portable Writer’s Workshop (edited by Daniel Slager) from The Loft...
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Not long ago, I got a rejection from a publisher. It was just one publisher—and god knows I’ve been rejected enough times before. Still, it stung. It ramped up my anxiety about the prospects of my book, reminded me of how difficult the road to publication can be, and alerted me to the very real...
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My wife and I had brunch with friends today.  They're older than us;  he served in the military in Europe in the late 1940s and I was born in 1956.  It's a small gap, easily bridged with conversation and interests.  Like my wife, the couple had a winter campaign going on to...
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Remember that Guy Pearce movie Memento? Before I ever knew what it was about, someone mentioned to me that the interesting thing about it is actually the structure of the movie. In case you haven't seen it (and I'm really not giving much away here), it's told in reverse. That is, the first...
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"It’s important you spend time making sure your ‘weakest’ students feel most welcome.”––Andy Couturier, author of Writing Open the Mind and A Different Kind of Luxury Teaching can be a lonely job. In any given California Community College writing classroom there are roughly 30 students but only one...
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I've been working on a cougar shifter story for a while after fans asked me about it. I LOVE my wolf packs. And I LOVE my jaguar shifters--they're exotic animals, which makes them fun to write. But cougars are all over North America, and so I really wanted to write about them TOO. And so,...