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Reno, Nevada
I was born in Reno, Nevada in 1952. Deserts,...
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Novelist. Seven published hardcover fiction books...
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Nashville, Tennessee
Since 1968 I have published more than 40 books of...
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I am a best selling author and novelist for Simon...

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Baton Rouge, LA
Jennifer Maggio is an award-winning author and speaker who is leaving audiences across the globe riveted with her personal story of severe abuse, homelessness, and multiple teen...
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Lebanon, NJ
Rachel Willen is a writer and classically-trained chef and the founder of FOOD FIX KITCHEN, which is both a food blog (http://foodfixkitchen.com) and cookery school. She teaches...

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In the scant few weeks since an explosion decimated New York City, sixteen-year-old Jesse has lived through the unimaginable. Only two types of people are left: Chasers,...
The Lovely Bones meets Black Swan in this haunting psychological thriller with twists and turns that will make you question everything you think you know. It’s too late for you...