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A young dancer in 1982 makes friends with a young Soviet girl and they have a 36 hour romp through NYC.
Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made- trade  paper 2008
Gayle Saunders and Patricia Reid were total opposites who chose each other as best friends when they were children.Through the years they were raised together, as close as sisters.Gayle, the beauty pampered by her working-class parents, believes a man will make her world complete.Pat, the brainy...
The Problem with Ella Rose
Broken Voices is about a young girl entering into her freshman year in high school. She is a new student with a secret that she wants to hide as she tries to fit in and be normal like the rest of the students. However, her communication skills are limited, which causes great problems as she tries...
Songs for a Teenage Nomad.JPG
"So engrossing, so transporting, so moving, I didn't want it to end! A beautiful, lyrical read-I loved every last word of it!" -Alyson Noël, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Immortals series What is the soundtrack of your life? After living in twelve places in eight years,...
Stalker Girl
She wasn’t always like this. Carly Finnegan has a life. Not a perfect life, but a life. She has friends, a cute little sister, a passion for archaeology. But then Brian, her first love, breaks up with her, and Carly is crushed. When she discovers he’s seeing someone new—Taylor Deen—she’s...
Anastasia's Secret.jpg
From School Library Journal Grade 9 Up—Dunlap's novel combines life in imperial Russia during World War I and young love. Anastasia encounters an adolescent royal guard named Sasha, and the two become friends and lovers. The guard educates her on life outside of the palace walls, and, through...
As the artist behind the beloved Peanuts comic strip for more than 50 years, Charles Schulz arguably the most famous cartoonist in the world created a colorful cast of characters that continues to bring humor and comfort to millions of readers. In this distinctively designed yet highly accessible...
 Publishers Weekly  Griffin (The Other Shepards) once again examines the nuances of adolescent relationships in this suspenseful novel about a magnetic, mentally unstable freshman and her hold over a new girl in town. "I met Amandine on the last day of my first week at James DeWolf High School...
  Eternity my Love                Book O  Eternity my Love                Book One                      This is the story of Corrine Whitmore, a young college freshman student, at (Harvard University)who's  once perfect life suddenly is filled with Tragedy. After attending a fraternity...
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In the third book of the Midnight Twins trilogy, Mally and Merry's supernatural dream visions are put to the test when their baby brother is kidnapped- and by someone who has grown very close to the Brynn family. Meanwhile, Meredith is distracted by the strange new boy in town. But there's one...