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UNTO THE DAUGHTERS: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family
 Unto the Daughters is the story of a secret guarded so fiercely for nine decades that members of Tintori’s family died without ever learning of it. Unto the Daughters began with an obliterated entry on a passport - discovered during a genealogical quest - and a reluctant revelation of an ancestor...
What's Best for Jane
 What's Best for Jane picks up in 1975, ten years after the close of Miss McGhee.
A collection of cartoons drawn at the front lines of the 1990 student strike at Mills College. A panel from this collection hangs in the permanent timeline at the Women's Museum in Dallas, TX.
Her Words
Over the last generation, Appalachia has produced a number of women poets who have refined and redefined the boundaries of the region’s literature and identity. Her Words focuses on the work of twenty such poets, whose diverse voices have enriched Appalachian literature in particular and American...
Cover of "The Women Outside" by Stephanie Golden
Based on my four years' experience as a volunteer in a homeless women’s shelter, The Women Outside examines the social context and psychology of homeless women together with the images and perceptions people in society hold of them. I conclude that homeless women raise different issues than do...
You Can Do It
Amazing things happen when Woman taps her inner Girl Scout. In You Can Do It!, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas and friends present an engaging cast of female "mentors" who share their expertise in activities ranging from money management to firewalking. Fanning the can-do spirit kindled during...
This collection, Volume 2 of the Stone Bridge Anthology  of Contemporary Japanese Women's Poetry, introduces the work of three dozen of Japan's finest women poets who specialize in free verse. Poets such as Shiraishi Kazuko, Ishigaki Rin, Ibaragi Noriko and Korean-Japanese poets Chuwol Chong, Kyong...
A thousand years ago, Japanese women court poets created a written aesthetic of unmatchcd elegance and technical skill. Today, Japanese women poets write with equal sophistication in haiku and tanka about romance, family life, sexuality, divorce, loneliness, politics and the West. This first-ever...
Adam's Belle Cover
Adam’s Belle is a roller coaster ride through the life of the late Isabel Washington Powell. This first-person narrative charges through Isabel’s life from her early childhood days as a baby “drama queen” in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia to her stage debut kicking up her heels at Harlem’s...
Worlds in Our Words: Contemporary American Women Writers
This is a multicultural anthology of contemporary American women writers, with interviews you won't find elsewhere.