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Our Appointment with Life is a translation and commentary on the Sutra on "Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone," the earliest teaching of the Buddha on how to live fully in the present moment. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Vietnamese, Chinese
A Sow Wester Off the Cape: -- Pigs in the Trough of the Sea by Thomas Hood. But for us it is "fluctibus aprum."
A DOLPHIN has 8 punning pictures by Thomas Hood (1799-1845), and no index but a dual Table of Contents, one ordinal and one categorical.  The main title is part of a phrase from Horace who warned those who played with words and variation in translation to take care lest they end up with a dolphin...
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Not available in French yet...see The Assimilation in English.
Who can say "I am Jewish?" What does "Jew" mean? What especially does it mean for Jacques Derrida, founder of deconstruction, scoffer at boundaries and fixed identities, explorer of the indeterminate and undecidable? In Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a Young Jewish Saint, French...
Jacques Derrida argues that the feminist and intellectual Hélène Cixous is the most important writer working within the French idiom today. To prove this, he elucidates the epistemological and historical interconnectedness of four terms: genesis, genealogy, genre, and genius, and how they pertain...
"I used to feel guilty at night. I live in, I always used to live in two countries, the diurnal one and the continuous very tempestuous nocturnal one. . . . What a delight to head off with high hopes to night's court, without any knowledge of what may happen! Where shall I be taken tonight!...