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Nothing could be more fundamental than the questions of: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Nothing could be more true than the fact that virtually no one has answers they can rationally defend. If we do not know our origin or destiny, then we cannot know how to properly...
Self-Realization memoir, told in simple narrative poetry.  Truth is stranger than fiction.
This concise edition postulates that Jesus was from the East. Hence, his 'hard' Eastern parables and mystic teachings have been totally misunderstood and misinterpretted by the West. For two thousand years. And more. The gist and genius of the Master can only be grasped by the SINGLE EYE of the...
"Littluns: And the Book of Darkness"
Hidden within the impenetrable snow covered exterior walls of Powder Mountain, and secret to the rest of the world is the protected, self contained, pure and peaceful valley of Hollow Hills.   The crater valley is thousands of feet above the base of the mountain with only one accessible...
"Gifted - Discovering Your Hidden Greatness" by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
Every ethnic group has unique and varied talents that are innately given to us by God.  There comes an appointed time when God, who gave the gifts and talents, has need of them and gives opportunity for every person to give them to His service.  I believe the time has specifically come to the black...
Liberated - No Longer Bound by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
This book deals with the present effects of bondage that comes through systems that benefit by the categorization and enslavement of people, especially black people. Freedom cannot be legislated nor can it be obtained through systems of men. Freedom is something deeply rooted in the Spirit....
The Call of God by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
Many sincere Christians are confused about their call to the ministry. Some are zealous and run ahead of their time and season of training and preparation, while others are behind their time neglecting the gift of God within them. This book encourages pastors and leaders not to be intimidated by...
Chosen - Not Cursed by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
"Chosen - Not Cursed!", is a treatise on Biblical Black History. It dismisses the myth that blacks are a cursed race. "Chosen - Not Cursed!" was one of the first books written from a perspective of Scriptural Black History that received national and international attention.
Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna
With this book, China Galland brought increased attention to the spiritual traditions of the Black Madonna and other cross-cultural expressions of the feminine divine. The popularity of recent works by authors like Sue Monk Kidd and Kathleen Norris have only increased readers’ fascination. Now with...