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A harrowing but ultimately hopeful vision of the aftermath of the age of oil, The Long Descent: A User's Guide to the End of the Industrial Age explores the approaching end of an industrial civilization based on cheap, abundant fossil fuel energy. Rather than the sudden catastrophes imagined by so...
A joyful, luminous tour of the human condition via an eclectic array of people, as seen through the eyes of one of America's most entertaining and original literary journalists
Without A Net: Middle Class and Homeless (With Kids) In America
From Publishers Weekly"You'd think it'd take a while to go from "given-every-opportunity, spoiled-in-every-way... middle-class housewife... to homeless single mother," but Kennedy did it in less than a year. Just some "bad judgment calls and wrong decisions," and a smart...
A penetrating look at the profound changes—personal and societal—that come with the new longevity, for those living it now and the boomers behind them The "golden years" can be anything but. With refreshing candor, best-selling author Dr. Lillian Rubin digs down under the statistics...
This book was a collection of the best writers for my literary webzine Cherry Bleeds. In case there's any confusion, this is an anthology. Over the next few years Cherry Bleeds will release future anthologies under the Cherry Bleeds name instead of Monophonic Press.