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Courting Constance--How to Win a Guy in Ten Days in Regency England
If marriage was an occupation, Constance was determined to enjoy her search for employment. Men, after all, made it easy to fall in love. Sadly, though, they also made it just as difficult to stay in love. Constance was not going to settle for an ordinary life as a wife. She just had to convince a...
This concise edition postulates that Jesus was from the East. Hence, his 'hard' Eastern parables and mystic teachings have been totally misunderstood and misinterpretted by the West. For two thousand years. And more. The gist and genius of the Master can only be grasped by the SINGLE EYE of the...
NUMENON A Tale of Mysticism & Money
 “The material and spirit world clash in this well-written adventure novel. A fantastic intellectual work which makes readers question their priorities in this life. A highly-recommended title.”  USA Book News SYNOPSIS: Will Duane had it all. Head of Numenon, the vast, multi-national corporation he...
Liberated - No Longer Bound by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
This book deals with the present effects of bondage that comes through systems that benefit by the categorization and enslavement of people, especially black people. Freedom cannot be legislated nor can it be obtained through systems of men. Freedom is something deeply rooted in the Spirit....
The Call of God by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
Many sincere Christians are confused about their call to the ministry. Some are zealous and run ahead of their time and season of training and preparation, while others are behind their time neglecting the gift of God within them. This book encourages pastors and leaders not to be intimidated by...
Chosen - Not Cursed by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
"Chosen - Not Cursed!", is a treatise on Biblical Black History. It dismisses the myth that blacks are a cursed race. "Chosen - Not Cursed!" was one of the first books written from a perspective of Scriptural Black History that received national and international attention.