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"Gifted - Discovering Your Hidden Greatness" by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
Every ethnic group has unique and varied talents that are innately given to us by God.  There comes an appointed time when God, who gave the gifts and talents, has need of them and gives opportunity for every person to give them to His service.  I believe the time has specifically come to the black...
Liberated - No Longer Bound by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
This book deals with the present effects of bondage that comes through systems that benefit by the categorization and enslavement of people, especially black people. Freedom cannot be legislated nor can it be obtained through systems of men. Freedom is something deeply rooted in the Spirit....
Chosen - Not Cursed by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
"Chosen - Not Cursed!", is a treatise on Biblical Black History. It dismisses the myth that blacks are a cursed race. "Chosen - Not Cursed!" was one of the first books written from a perspective of Scriptural Black History that received national and international attention.
Where Are All the Fathers by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
"The greatest love that you can receive this side of heaven is a father's love, and most of us have never received it," says Dr. Edwards. The revelation of this book was birthed out of the personal, seemingly negative and tragic experiences of his own life. However, his mess was processed...
"One of our main problems as black people is that we don't really know who we are," says Dr. Jefferson Edwards. "We have a tremendous need to restore to black people a sense of identity that brings with it self-worth, self-esteem, and purpose." To reclaim that identity, Dr....
In this highly anticipated follow-up to White Like Me, activist and educator Tim Wise examines the ways in which institutional racism continues to shape the contours of daily life in the United States. The essays included in this collection span the last ten years of Wise’s writing and cover all...
Tim Wise on White Privilege
In this spellbinding lecture, delivered at Mt. Holyoke College in October 2007, Tim Wise, author of White Like Me: Reflections on Race From a Privileged Son offers a unique, inside-out view of race and racism in America. Expertly overcoming the defensiveness that often surrounds these issues, Wise...
THE STORY OF LOVE While China Galland was visiting family in rural East Texas, she learned of Love Cemetery-a nearly 175-year-old African American burial ground-from the cemetery guardian, Mrs. Nuthel Britton. For forty years, Love Cemetery was inaccessible, starting with a lockout at the height of...
Manifest Destiny, as a term for westward expansion, was not used until the 1840s. Its predecessor was the Doctrine of Discovery, a legal tradition by which Europeans and Americans laid legal claim to the land of the indigenous people that they "discovered." In the United States, the...
The Lost Daughter of Happiness
A young Chinese woman named Fusang is kidnapped and sold into prostitution in San Francisco in the late 19th Century. A modern Chinese author examines her, trying to make sense of her life and her times. Appealing in her simplicity and beauty, Fusang is pursued by a young, well-to-do white man and...