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The Gospel of Barbecue
The title poem of this collection tells of the creation of barbecue, how slaves cooked their masters' scraps into a survival food that became a cuisine. Powerful and moving, these poems teach how the "nasty leftovers" in life can be transformed into music, scripture, celebration.
Outlandish Blues
        Fierce and sensual, the poems in Outlandish Blues merge everyday speech with a shimmering lyricism and burst from the page into song. Honorée Fanonne Jeffers sees the blues, what she terms the “shared ‘blue notes,’’’ as an...
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A poem about loss
Drew Cover
What Others Have to Say About DREW According to Robert Gray, Drew was the book he never intended to write.  His brother, who died of a brain tumor at the age of twenty-four, was not someone he wanted to write about, and Robert spent twenty years dodging the inevitable until he found the right poems...
Looking to the East with Western Eyes, 4th edition
Leah Maines traces with delicate poetic brush strokes moments of love and tenderness, images of nature, feelings of joy, sometimes of sadness and slight unease-- like the hungry bird, I, too,am searching for sustenance andfind it in a rayof sun that fools the clouds andfor a moment I forget home...
Barbara Crooker’s Radiance is a book bursting with abundance, with joy. Crooker’s lyrics, ranging in tone from hushed to exuberant, catch the richness and grace of the world in their varied lines about art, about nature, and about experience. Book Excerpt:   ALL THAT IS...