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Apollinaire – whose writings ranged from plays to experimental poetry, from art criticism to erotica – was at the heart of literary and artistic life in early 20th-century Paris. Both his work and his flamboyant personality had a defining influence on the development of Surrealism, Dadaism and...
Mark Higgins, Darren Wershler-Henry, Stephen Pender, Eds.
"Throughout recorded history, it has often been the responsibility of the writer to speak out against the monstrosity of war" ("Foreword" to The Common Sky, Alistair MacLeod).  
Hundreds of poets and their work can be found at this web site.  Work can be submitted to Anny Ballardini via Poet's Corner at the URL. "Maybe an Angel Will Intervene" is a part of the Little Girl Faces on Old Bones poetry manuscript.
Ordinary and Sacred as Blood: Alabama Women Speak
From back cover:  "Writers from Gulf Shores to New Market, from high schoolers to great-grandmothers, from housewives and doctors to professors and retired accountants, have generously contributed to this volume.  Their words are funny, outrageous, poignant, and pointed, but always genuine. ...
A sample Valley Planet cover
The Valley Planet is a community-minded publication that was created  to meet the cultural needs of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.  The Valley Planet is dedicated to promoting the ideas, arts and events that make the Tennessee Valley unique. The Valley Planet is a locally-owned magazine/...
Tongue of War Cover.jpg
This book, which won the John Cairdi Prize for Poetry, selected by B. H. Fairchild, is inspired by historical situations and accounts letters, oral histories, news reports, etc., of individuals from both sides of the Pacific theater of World War II, including the home fronts. Barnstone writes...
Life Through the Rearview Mirror is a reflection of Debra’s life. It is about the pain and the joy that we all go through in life and how we all tend to look back at what-ifs. We all go through life looking through the rearview mirror at our past and the wrong turns that have been made.
The Magic Feather by Marjorie Tesser
   Once upon a time, there was a fairy tale character who didn’t believe her story. So, she changed it...  The Magic Feather challenges the easy assumptions of fairy tales and other well-known stories. A witch may be a witch, but has she no heart, no hunger? In these poems, the characters may...
"Addonizio doesn't do pretty; beneath her considerable wit is a wickedly sharp edge."—Library Journal, starred reviewWith both passion and precision, Lucifer at the Starlite explores life’s dual nature: good and evil, light and dark, suffering and moments of unexpected joy. Whether...
Middle-East Mezze
Middle-East Mezze is a sumptuous buffet of lyricism and imagery.   Radavich takes us to Iraq, Palestine and Egypt and, during our journey, forces us to question how such rich ancient cultures could have fallen into such desperation.  A poignant reminder of splendid heritage, these poems...