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Stepping Through Moons
Toni Wilkes's collection begins in the familiar, but numinous world of bees and birthday parties, laundry and scrub jays. Then mysteriously, the poem's boundaries merge into myth and memory: the brother by the lake's edge becomes Narcissus; the sound of broken glass triggers the memory of a gunshot...
The Nature of Attraction
A collaborative series of poems written by Pris Campbell and Scott Owens featuring the characters Sara and Norman and comprising a narrative sequence about the difficult relationship of these two.
Self-Realization memoir, told in simple narrative poetry.  Truth is stranger than fiction.
  "The Guilt Gene, Diana Raab's second book of poetry, has the straight-forward confessional tone that distinguishes her best work whether in prose or poetry. Eschewing high flying metaphor and dressed up formality, she confines her subject matter to her inner life and her journal-keeping...
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Electric Bathtub Psalms
Divided into three parts and featuring illustrations done by the artist, Electric Bathtub Psalms is a mixture of ideas regarding love, loss and myriad forms of diaspora. The Electric Bathtub referenced comes to signify the body, the world under the influence of technology and the integration of...
Drew Cover
What Others Have to Say About DREW According to Robert Gray, Drew was the book he never intended to write.  His brother, who died of a brain tumor at the age of twenty-four, was not someone he wanted to write about, and Robert spent twenty years dodging the inevitable until he found the right poems...
The Number Before Infinity reads like a novel or memoir in verse. Each poem is a chapter in the story of two lovers united by passion but separated by previous commitments. In lyrical, accessible verse, the book follows the lovers as they choose between their deepening connection and their existing...