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Blair Underwood presents Casanegra, by Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes
In this hot and steamy mystery Publishers Weekly called "seamlessly entertaining," actor Tennyson Hardwick struggles to hang on to his acting career and redeem his sex-for-pay history, which estranged him from his father--a decorated LAPD captain who raised Tennyson to call him "sir...
They say you can't cheat death... well, that doesn't stop these guys from trying... James DeRossa is a natural born rebel. Just released from Jackson County Jail, he turns his back on the family funeral business in Detroit and heads out to Tinseltown to set up a heist and settle an old score. Who...
WILD INFERNO - A WILD Mystery by Sandi Ault
Wild Indigo introduced rough and ready Bureau of Land Management agent Jamaica Wild. Now she returns—deployed to a wildfire on the Southern Ute reservation, where a puzzling plea whispered by a burning man points to a mystery more menacing than murder… When wildfire erupts on the Southern Ute...
On a reservation near Taos, New Mexico, BLM Agent Jamaica Wild witnesses a Tanoah Pueblo man being trampled to death by stampeding buffalo. The tribe declares the incident a suicide, the FBI concurs, and the body is hurried to ceremony before the sun can go down on his spirit.
Eyewitness is an enthralling mystery centered around a man who is shot to death by a shadowy figure rising from the smoldering bushes lining the walkway to Beulah Baptist Church in a quiet, Southern town. When police get information linking the fire at the church to other recent arsons, they begin...
Dark Recesses Cover
 Dark Recesses is the poignant tale of David Jackson, a promising, young attorney who travels to rural Virginia for a family reunion and is entangled in a web of betrayal that had been hidden in his family tree. While dividing his time between a high profile appellate court case and his family, he...
Before the Storm
It’s often difficult for me to characterize my books, and Before the Storm is no exception. It’s part suspense, part mystery, and one hundred percent family drama. It’s about how far family members will go to protect one another. It’s about the choices people make that come back to haunt them. And...
Murder on the Mind
  Former insurance investigator Jeff Resnick is mugged and discovers the resulting brain injury has left him able to sense people's secrets. When his estranged half-brother, Richard, takes Jeff to the family home to recover, Jeff's senses pick up clues to the recent vicious murder of a local banker...
Perfect for Framing by Maggie Bishop
Returning for a second suspense-filled mystery, Jemma Chase and Detective Tucker find themselves embroiled in a Property Owners Association power struggle. When a simple break-in escalates to murder Detective Tucker finds suspects aplenty from POA president Petula Windsor's files, leading him to...
Cover of On Danger's Edge
Fear be damned… …is the code photojournalist Rorie Lindsay lives by. Free of her abusive ex-husband, she celebrates her divorce with a one-night stand then heads to her next photo shoot in the Panamanian jungles, thirsting for adventure. Finally sensing her life is her own, Rorie relishes her...