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Darkness and the Devil Behind Me
In December 1923, Esther Todd was a lovely young pianist, a rising star. One month later, she was on the Most Wanted List. She had vanished along the snowy streets of a stormy night in Harlem and thieves had hit the home of her society patron, pulling off a million- dollar heist. Were the...
With his wife Maxine out of town, Artie Cohen is alone in Manhattan when his nephew Billy Farone is released for a couple of weeks from the young offenders' institution where he has been since he stabbed Heshey Shank to death. Artie is the one Billy...
It’s a late summer Sunday in downtown New York City, and Artie Cohen is getting married. Watching the sun rising over the East River, he’s content. A message comes in from an old friend, Sid McKay, asking Artie to come out to Red Hook in Brooklyn. It’s his...
Disturbed Earth
Winter 2003: war is looming and New York is paralysed by the worst blizzard in years. Artie Cohen is called in to investigate a case: a pile of blood-soaked children’s clothes have been found on the beach in Brooklyn. Almost against his will,...
Presenting Artie Cohen, Reggie Nadelson's streetsmart, good-looking New York cop, with a supporting cast that includes Artie's glamorous girl Lily Hanes, and his gnarly superior Sonny Lippert. Russian by birth, Artie has a taste for girls and jazz and a secret...
Unmerciful cover
The man convicted of killing Ethel Reiser sits in Attica, where he will remain for life unless PI Marlowe Black insists on meddling and finds proof to free him. The convict's sister, Peggy, convinces Black that the near perfect evidence collected by the police, DNA and all, were fabricated to frame...
The critically acclaimed and multiple award winning debut novel from Harley Jane Kozak, is a fast-paced, flawless blend of romance, comedy, and suspense. Dating Dead Men introduces a writer who is bound to take her place alongside Janet Evanovich and Gillian Roberts—and a heroine as feisty, funny,...
STATE'S EVIDENCE (A Beverly Mendoza Legal Thriller)
 A spine tingling legal mystery where nothing is what it seems and no one is safe! In Eagles Landing, California, Assistant District Attorney Beverly Mendoza is assigned the case of prosecuting a man charged with murdering a local judge, Sheldon Crawford, and sexually assaulting the judge's...
JUSTICE SERVED (A Barkley and Parker Thriller
 There is a killer on the prowl, terrorizing the streets of Portland, Oregon, brutally beating men to death. Each victim was recently on trial for domestic abuse, but each was released. The press is having a field day with the new vigilante killer, but it’s up to Detective Sergeant Ray Barkley...
The Dead Sea Codex
Two archaeologists race to find a lost manuscript before Christian fanatics destroy it. This novel is the first in the Lisa Donahue archaeological mystery series.