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Buffalo Soldier: Trial by Fire
After the Civil War, Ben Carter walked from east Texas to New Orleans to enlist in the 9th (Colored) Cavalry Regiment. A good field soldier, he gets into trouble when he can't deal with the prejudice of white settlers. His commander gives him a last chance to save his army career when he puts him...
cover of Gated Grief
After her father died, Leila Levinson found horrifying photographs his World War II Army trunk that revealed he had been among the liberators of Nordhausen Concentration Camp at the end of the war. Realizing these photographs might be clues to her father's emotional detachment and silence,...
See Ya.jpg
See Ya is a story that crosses generations and histories. Lives are often stories not yet written down. Not always ended, either, which can fuse the living and telling into a path not always clear. Some tales take a long time to tell, especially when they start in 1944 and flow into 1996, and...
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Through eyewitness accounts based on hundreds of interviews with crew members; personal diaries, notes, and letters; and each cutter's logbooks and patrol reports Walling plunges you into the thick of the battle, re-creating some of the most desperate encounters, heroic rescues, and harrowing...
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To the millions of Americans on the home front during World War II, Ernie Pyle’s column in newspapers across the country offered a foxhole view of the struggle as he reported on the life and death of the average soldier. When he died, Pyle’s popularity and readership was worldwide, with his column...
One Shot cover.jpg
American GIs who participated in the invasions of such far-flung Pacific Ocean locations as New Georgia, Makin, Tarawa, Kwajalein, and Eniwetok during World War II could always count on a blistering reception from the Japanese forces defending those isles. They could also depend on their efforts...
The incredible true story of the Cabeza de Vaca's 1528 expedition to North America.  Four hundred landed near Tampa, Florida in 1528 and promptly disappeared into the swamps.  All were assumed to be dead, but eight years later three Spaniards and an African, the only survivors, appeared on the...
Finding God in the Shadows: Stories From the Battlefield of Life is a collection of non-fiction stories by military historian Peter Huchthausen, coupled with theological reflections by Marsha Hansen. Covering the period from WWII through the Cold War, the book offers a chance to examine faith and...
Orders, Decorations and Medals of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
This groundbreaking work is the first and only full-color hardcover book on North Korean orders and medals. It has 120 pages and over 300 color photos depicting various orders and medals. It also has four appendices providing previously unavailable information for collectors, such as the estimated...