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Middle-Eastern Studies - Interest | Middle-Eastern Studies - Interest

In this gripping, in-the-trenches account of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, award-winning journalist Matt Rees takes us deep within Israeli and Palestinian societies to reveal the fractures at the core of both. While the world focuses almost exclusively on the violent clash between the two camps...
Why are the Elgin Marbles in London, and not on the Acropolis? Why do there seem to be as many mummies in France as there are in Egypt? Why are so many Etruscan masterworks in America? For the past two centuries, the West has been plundering the treasures of the ancient world to fill its great...
This was my first official review for Eve magazine and I chose to write on Hosseini's bestseller after reading and liking The Kite Runner. Wonderful follow up read, I'd recommend it.  
Children of the Roojme
Ms. Abinader has written a slice of history that teaches all ofus how a family's desperate fights for survival wins out over thehorrific clashes of clutures. Her book made me realize that what I thought I knew about the Middle East was simplistic. The complexities of race, religion, and geography...