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Intersections: Gender, Nation and Community in Arab Women's Novels
Co-edited by Lisa Suhair Majaj, Therese Saliba and Paula Sunderman. A collection of original essays by leading authorities in the field on nine contemporary Arab women novelists from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine, focusing on texts available in English translation. Authors discussed include...
Geographies of Light
This collection spans geographies of war, homelessness, homemaking, longing, and hope as it travels through Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, American and other landscapes. Informed by depth of experience and a resilient humanism, these poems seek to transform landscapes of devastation to...
In this gripping, in-the-trenches account of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, award-winning journalist Matt Rees takes us deep within Israeli and Palestinian societies to reveal the fractures at the core of both. While the world focuses almost exclusively on the violent clash between the two camps...
Children of the Roojme
Ms. Abinader has written a slice of history that teaches all ofus how a family's desperate fights for survival wins out over thehorrific clashes of clutures. Her book made me realize that what I thought I knew about the Middle East was simplistic. The complexities of race, religion, and geography...