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Description: This book reads like a novel but supplies instructional guidelines for educators and corporate trainers based on scientific studies. It provides 160 easy tips and the opinions of 200+ experts. Timely information: by 2023 half the US will speak Spanish. Goal of the Book: A career or...
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MEXICO is in the news.  But what do we know about this country  on our border and its explosive history? CHILDREN OF GUERRERO fills in the blanks, weaves fiction and fact, exposes exploitation by outsiders and revolution by its citizens.  From 1511 when a Spanish ship is wrecked on the coast of...
THE VAGABOND VIRGINS, Baja California, 1979A Holy Virgin, or a convincing fraud, appears in Mexico, dedicating herself to the overthrow of the corrupt and tyrannical Partido Revolucionario Institutional. And a woman who claims to be the Virgin’s sister brings San Diego law student and private...