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Liberated - No Longer Bound by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
This book deals with the present effects of bondage that comes through systems that benefit by the categorization and enslavement of people, especially black people. Freedom cannot be legislated nor can it be obtained through systems of men. Freedom is something deeply rooted in the Spirit....
Where Are All the Fathers by Dr. Jefferson Edwards
"The greatest love that you can receive this side of heaven is a father's love, and most of us have never received it," says Dr. Edwards. The revelation of this book was birthed out of the personal, seemingly negative and tragic experiences of his own life. However, his mess was processed...
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A college professor faces the dark side of the Internet in a so-called "review" website that allows any and all, even non-students, to destroy whomever they like with libel, lies, and license, by bribing and blackmailing teachers for grades, all the while Political Correctness strangles...