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Sugarland ebook
As children, Kit and Kiki Smithers performed and the Sugar Babes, but those glory days are long gone. All that remains are the blues the sisters sing as they cope with withering marriages, cheating spouses, lost opportunities, and the demands of motherhood. Sugar Land is a verdant novel about the...
Author Jim T. Lindsey in the open Atlantic
"A flaw in the fabric of the way things are, and a mad monk who wanders through time as well as space, jolt down-on-his-luck tour guide Raymond Kidd out of a lethargic solitude, reuniting him with his wives in two separate lifetimes and then tearing him away from them both to go rescue another...
Numb, a man who feels no pain and has no memory of how he came to be this way, travels to New York City after a short stint in the circus to search for the answers to his past. But when word of his condition spreads--sparked by the attention he attracts from letting people nail his hands to bars...
A middle-aged woman, wife, and mother is reincarnated as a young, single drug addict who must kick her habit before she can rejoin her family, and who finds that her current body's past is intertwined with that of her previous life.
Ms. Yamada's Toaster
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An apparent kidnapping becomes the first step in a mystical journey for the Chevalier du Morte when a routine mission precipitates a spiritual fall from grace.  As the tables turn on the abductors, the immortal Knight sinks in a corrupt quagmire of sin while fighting to recover his lost purpose and...
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Tinsey James believes in all things supernatural. When her father dies unexpectedly, she isn't surprised when his ghost shows up, but she still has no idea how to cope with the pain. With her family in shock, Tinsey feels it's up to her to fill the void he's left. Her mother is vulnerable, her...
The Book of Obeah
While fulfilling the final request of her departed Grandmama, Melody Bennet, a young professional raised in the genteel suburbs of North Carolina, is plunged into the clandestine world of an ancient West African religion -- via the Louisiana bayou. In unearthing a mysterious religious manuscript,...
Blossom Sterling knows she's different. She was born with a veil, a thin membrane that covered her face, and gave her a special gift. But for Blossom, the gift is so much more. It is because of this supernatural inheritance, her life in the small town of Riddle Inn is in stark contrast to that of...
Three Part Invention, a novel
Three generations of mothers and daughters take center stage, with 20th century events as backdrop, in this novel of depth and humor, with a touch of magic realism, spotlighting the power of music—from classical to jazz to rock and international folk—and the tug between ethnic loyalty and global...