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A Clash of Innocents
It’s not supposed to be cold in February, not in Phnom Penh. Deborah, a 60-year-old American expat, is on her way back to the Khmer Home for Blessed Children which she has run for ten years. A young woman in her twenties is waiting for her. Another American, but with flip-flops and a backpack,...
Feisty Family Values in Hardcover & Kindle editions.
When Annabelle Hubbard appears on her cousin Regina's doorstep covered in bruises, the chaos begins. Within an idyllic neighborhood of stolid, family values and century-old houses, the cousins come to grips with family secrets, the ghosts or painful memories, unruly grandchildren, a life-...
Jackson Jacoby, a twenty-two year old boy without a mother of his own finds a plea in a newspaper from a woman, begging for her runaway son to return home. He calls, pretends to be the son, and embarks on a journey to visit this mother, spreading to strangers along the way tales of his...
Drinking Closer to Home
"Jessica Blau’s second novel is not only a wise and pitch-perfect depiction of family dynamics but also happens to be unrelentingly, side-splittingly funny. I dare you to forget this family." (Irina Reyn, author of What Happened to Anna K.) “[H]ilarious and heartbreaking....[A] testament to the...
In this second book of Kathryn Magendie's much-praised series about the journey of a woman dealing with the ghosts of a dysfunctional family, Virginia Kate Carey seeks the loving commitment that eluded her in TENDER GRACES. "Vee" is idealistic and naïve despite the witness she has...
The Great Amphibian
In this award-winning short story, a pregnant woman witnesses an unsettling moment of violence at a model yacht race in Golden Gate Park. Inspired by the story of her famous great-grandfather, a man of strange aquatic gifts who disappeared on Lake Michigan many decades before, she decides to commit...
The Art of Devotion
Review"The Art of Devotion is a revival of elegance and grace, reminding us of an era when all literature was lyrical, with a fluidity that makes it appear song-like. Samantha Bruce-Benjamin's debut places her in a class with some of the best literary minds, including F. Scott Fitzgerald,...