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Benediction cover
Benediction is a darkly humorous novel of a middle-aged gay filmmaker’s journey through prostate cancer. Title character Ben Schmidt’s having an affair with the sexy artist upstairs, has another guy on the side, and he’s also just directed a movie, something he’s always wanted to do. At work, his...
Divas Las Vegas large.jpg
What happens when you find out that Grandma's vase mistakenly sold at a yard sale is worth tens of thousands of dollars—and somebody else is about to cash in on it on Antiques Roadshow? Of course, you hop on a plane with your best friend and race off to Las Vegas to get Grandma's vase back! Filled...
The Children of Mother Glory
Meet Glory Potter, a strong-willed farm girl coming of age on the Midwestern prairie during the early twentieth century. Driven to please her dying father, young Glory takes the helm of his ministry. Folks gather from miles around to witness the holy woman’s powerful sermons and her church begins...
Beyond All Desiring
When Sara’s niece, Janice, is notified that her sharp-witted aunt, now in her 80s, hasn’t been seen for several days, Janice’s panicky drive to find out what’s happened begins our journey of discovering that Sara has led a life very different from what her relatives and friends assume. Historical...
ALT Cover Small.jpg
Killian Kendall's life is changing faster than he can keep up. He's graduating from high school, breaking up with his boyfriend, and starting a new job with a private investigator. He's barely settled at his new desk when his ex-boyfriend calls with a desperate plea for help. He wants Killian to...
Babies, Bikes, and Broads
Tragedy-and her brother's midnight plea for help with his young twins-pulls Cat Hood back home to Galway, North Carolina, in the third book in the popular Cat Rising trilogy. After five years in Scotland, the place where she'd expected to find both roots and family, Cat is still single (...
Girls With Hammers
 BookList Review  "Girls with Hammers," the truck proudly proclaims--the sign of Lily's carpentry business, which ran smoothly for years until her longtime friend and coworker departed. With that loss, Lily is spinning out of control, according to live-in lover Hannah, a...
"Stunning . . .This novel marks the debut of a major talent whose career will bear watching." - Starred review, Publisher's Weekly "A coming-of-age novel in the grand Romantic tradition, where passions run high, Cupid stalks Psyche and love shares the dance floor with death. . . A...