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Tweakers: How Crystal Meth Is Ravaging Gay America
More than 250 crystal methamphetamine users and those who treat them were interviewed for this book. One after another, stories were told of lives destroyed by a seductive drug, the use of which typically begins on weekends or special occasions, but then ends up overwhelming the users life,...
Carcinoid Cancer is a rare disease, with approximately 8,000 cases reported in the U.S. each year. Because of this rarity and its slow-growing tendencies, carcinoid cancer is often improperly diagnosed, if diagnosed at all.  When diagnosed, it is frequently treated incorrectly. This book is...
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The Hope Tree helps families talk about the difficulties children face when one of their parents has cancer or other illness. Dr. Wendy Harpham teamed up with renowned author Laura Numeroff to write this marvelous children's book. With...
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Written by a doctor who has herself had cancer, this aims to help cancer patients and their families through the first few months after diagnosis. It considers what the new patient needs to know to deal with the medical, social and emotional issues that arise from a diagnosis of cancer, and...
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As anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows, surviving cancer is more than just killing cancer cells and getting through treatment. Patients must deal with the emotional, social, spiritual, and financial fallout of a cancer diagnosis. By helping survivors understand that they can't go...
As described by the then executive editor, Ruth Lisa Schecther:   Regarding the Spring/Summer 1988 Anthology/Awards Issue #11:  "Our warm thanks to the many poets, writers and scholars of reputation in this issue who contributed new insights about Anne Sexton and to those whose diverse work...
Worldwide health is at risk because access to preventative, diagnostic, and treatment care for illnesses like TB needs improving
Tuberculosis (TB) kills up to three people every minute. The world is in dire need for quicker, more accurate TB tests. 
“Listen”, takes a reader deep into the conscientious of the socially, economically, and culturally challenged of the world. Confronting the communal stigmas of not fitting in, “LISTEN” is a first person journey into the poignant lives of those who fail to flourish in today’s society.  In this...
From childhood, acclaimed novelist A. Manette Ansay trained to become a concert pianist. But at 19, a mysterious muscle disorder forced her to give up the piano, and by 21, she couldn’t grip a pen or walk across a room. She entered a world of limbo, one in which no one could explain what was...
Get the facts about Hepatitis C Having hepatitis C can be a transformative, extremely tough experience—especially without the right information. Healing Hepatitis C remedies that by combining the personal story of Christopher Kennedy Lawford, who unknowingly contracted the virus during his years...