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Redneck Goddess
A hilarious romp with a quirky Georgia family determined to stick to it’s “old south” ways.
"A wonderful compendium of interesting subjects and fascinating topics. Will keep you reading just to found out what's going to be covered next. Highly recommended for all lovers of weird & wonderful this side of the Universe." -Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.  Peek under the rugs, open...
Everybody vs Bob the Angry Flower.jpg
The flowery madness continues in this, the third epoch-defining Bob the Angry Flower cartoon collection. See Bob go after Kofi Annan, robots, George W. Bush, science, religion, and U-Boats. Comics for the 22nd century, 100 years early! Get yours today!
"Use All The Crayons! The Colorful Guide To Simple Human Happiness"
Charcoal and lampblack: those were the only two colors the company that would grow to be Crayola Crayons produced when it was founded in 1864. Today the children who use Crayola products can choose from more than ninety-six different colors, including Azure, Laser Lemon, and Razzmatazz. What child...
Exit Laughing.jpg
Is there anything funny about death? As a matter of fact, there is, and 24 gifted authors have shared their true stories about the fascinating, compelling, and sometimes hilarious link between humor and death. Learn from Malachy McCourt what really happened to Angela's Ashes. Hold onto your sides...
  The English nation is lying prone on the analyst’s couch, ready to unburden itself.  It could really do with a gin and tonic, or some quiet time watching the cricket.  A cup of tea would be nice.  But the nation has issues it wants to get off its chest.  It feels an...
Tapped Out Hardback Cover
In Tapped Out, Polly chronociles his grueling yet redeeming two-year journey through an often misunderstood sport. From Thailand to Russia, Manhattan to Las Vegas, Polly studied with the best trainers across the glove, concluding with a six-month fight camp at Randy Couture's legendary gym. Through...
American Shaolin Paperback Cover
The raucously funny story of one young American's quest to become the baddes dude on the planet (and possibly find inner peace along the way) Growing up a ninety-eight pound weakling tormented by bullies in the schoolyeards of Kansas, Matthew Polly dreamed of one day journeying to the Shaolin...
Dance of the Pheasodile - front cover.JPG
Keith and Chrissie McGuire are determined to create a perfect life for themselves and their two children, having been brought up in care homes themselves. Everything is going well: Chrissie is a partner in a London law firm, Keith is an up-and-coming London architect, and the children have all the...
Our nation's finest comedians, contrarians, and comic subversives come together to discuss the nature of humor, its relevance to society, and how simply speaking the truth as one sees it can give life meaning We are living in a new golden age of satire. In a nation divided, polarized, and...