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The importance of spice in the Old World and events leading up to the age of exploration, in search of spices.
Book signing, Neiman-Marcus, San Diego
The story of California began when a Portuguese captain sailing for Spain found a beautiful natural harbor as he plied his way up the Pacific coast. Little could he have imagined that dropping his anchor in what is now San Diego Bay would be the birth of the Golden State. Ask any Californian and...
One Life to Give: A Path to Finding Yourself by Helping Others
In the winter of 1939, five-year-old Andrew Bienkowski was banished to Siberia with his family. With virtually nothing to see them through their first winter, his grandfather chose to starve in order to give his family the chance to survive. The years that followed were harrowing and difficult —...
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The three imposing buildings of the Library of Congress--the Thomas Jefferson Building, the John Adams Building, and the James Madison Memorial Building--are remarkable but very different public spaces and public works of art. Located just east of the U.S. Capitol...
Scream Macines: All About Roller Coasters
This book is part of the Pearson Learning Group Book Treks Guided Reading program designed specifially for the junior grades. It is a science book geared toward sixth graders. It explores how roller coasters work, their history, design, and safety factors, as well as the "best" roller...
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Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital, grew from 45,000 to 55,000 residents in the years 1910–1925. The state’s second-largest city, Lincoln was also home to Nebraska’s second-largest African American community—a “small town” within the midwestern city. Local race relations were a study in contradictions....
It's About Time
It took 43 seconds for the atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima. History was forever altered in less than a minute. In contrast, it took 355 years, 10 months, and five days to end African slavery in the Americas. These moments in history are among the nearly 200 recounted in this turn-back-the-...
Wilt, 1962 By Gary M. Pomerantz
On the night of March 2, 1962, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, right up the street from the chocolate factory, Wilt Chamberlain, a young and striki ng athlete celebrated as The Big Dipper, scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knickerbockers. As historic and revolutionary as the achievement...