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Victoria Lake discovers that it’s not difficult for a person to vanish without a trace–even if that person is herself.  Tory and her son Jack are estranged, but the mystery that swallows Tory also draws Jack in, and forces him to face, though unwillingly, the strange and unreliable gift...
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As the inhabitants of Cloverdale, Oregon, welcomed in the twentieth century, they were not unaccustomed to hard times and thorny situations. Small communities banded together for protection and hope. Heroes and villains were often difficult to decipher.
The Autobiography of Frau Adolf Hitler, translated and edited by Frank Sanello
In his new novel, Frank Sanello vividly recreates the Third Reich and World War II as seen through the eyes and daily diary of Hitler's imaginary wife, Countess Christina Bernadotte (1916-1948). The granddaughter of the king of Sweden, the countess is forced at the age of 16 to marry the 43-year...
Lady of the Light is a continuation of the saga begun in The Light Bearer. Seven years have passed. Auriane's life has been an idyll by a river; she he lives in tranquility on the grandest estate in all the Roman province of Germania Superior, along with celebrated Roman statesman Marcus Julianus...
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This is the story of Jesus, his disciples and friends told as a human story about a group of religious reformers on the road in the middle east of 20 centuries ago. I've tried to flesh out real characters and avoid miracles. I've tried to infuse the drama with moments of humor.
The Light Bearer is a richly embroidered tale of war, vengeance and spiritual transcendence set in ancient Rome and northern Europe in the first century AD. Encompassing a sweep of events that spans the reigns of two tyrants, Nero and Domitian, it's the story of Auriane, a Germanic tribeswoman...
The Memory of Scent
'Henri de Toulouse Lautrec'.  His name has the ring of nobility that he does indeed spring from, but I would say he is more at home among the girls of Montmartre..... Set against the backdrop of Paris in 1883, The Memory of Scent is the story of two French women, Fleur and Babette, and of how...
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fter the bloody Tomochic rebellion, Teresita Urrea, beloved healer and "Saint of Cabora," flees with her father to Arizona. But their plans are derailed when she once again is claimed as the spiritual leader of the Mexican Revolution. Besieged by pilgrims and pursued by assassins, Teresita...
From the bestselling satirist and memoirist Neal Pollack comes a funny, gritty historical noir about a tough Jew on the brink and about a great American game coming into its own. 1937. The gears of world war have begun to grind, but Inky Lautman, star point guard for the South Philadelphia...
Gates of Eden IPPY Award
Release date: August 1, 2012 Silver Medalist 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards GATES OF EDEN: A story of resistance, rebellion, and love...  Set against the turmoil of the Vietnam war, Gates of Eden tells the story of seven young rebels who unite with their compatriots to build the...