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A rousing critique of the rise to dominance of the belief that market forces and unfettered individualism should direct all matters in society - a recipe for disaster for both the individual and the society. The book covers tremendous ground and is pitched at the highest level of rigor but is...
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The dramatic story of the Bushmen of the Kalahari is a cautionary tale about water in the twenty-first century-and offers unexpected solutions for our time. "We don't govern water. Water governs us," writes James G. Workman. I n Heart of Dryness, he chronicles the memorable saga of...
BOOK COVER: Putting Our Differences to Work by Debbe Kennedy
A practical guide for leaders at all levels that changes the prevailing rules of how to think, behave, and operate in the 21st Century… --- Illuminates five qualities for leaders and innovators at every level. --- Provides a proven step-by-step process for creating powerful teams based on...
Half the world is malnourished, the other half obese—both symptoms of the corporate food monopoly. To show how a few powerful distributors control the health of the entire world, Raj Patel conducts a global investigation, traveling from the “green deserts” of Brazil and protester-packed streets of...