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Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Amanda is a free spirit who somehow manages to get herself stuck in the energy vibration of a physical body. Of course she did it on purpose; nothing happens by accident. She's a little embarrassed to find herself on earth again and wonders how she ended up here when she vowed she'd never...
King of the Castle
Mr. Elliot has a job he loves. He is the custodian in a school. But life is not always easy. When he sees a child being called stupid and falling into the traps he remembers so well himself, Mr. Elliot decides it is time to take action.
Sweet Life Scanned.jpg
What if you got away from it all—and then it all got away from you? When her husband gets a new job, Marissa Price leaves the island of Manhattan for the island of Hawaii. Paradise seems like the perfect place to find herself, save her marriage, and reconnect with her daughter. But Marissa...
Good Things: A Novel
Living simply isn't simple. Deidre McIntosh became famous teaching women to live simply, and simply live -- ironic for a woman who thrives on the chaos of a television career, and shares a home with her best friend, the one man she can count on-who happens to be gay. But when her Seattle...
The Spirit of Sweetgrass
Essie Mae Laveau Jenkins is a 78-year-old sweetgrass basket weaver who sits on the side of Hwy. 17 in the company of her dead husband, Daddy Jim. Inspired by her Auntie Leona, Essie Mae finally discovers her calling in life and weaves powerful “love baskets,” praying fervently over them to affect...
HEROES ARISE by Laurel Anne Hill
In a world where justice is achieved through careful customs of vengeance, Gundack pursues love and the preservation of his honor. Desert kren are a nomadic people who believe their customs and mythology show them how to be honorable and thrive. Gundack, a trader and leader of the tribe, seeks...
Good Girls Gone Bad, Paperback 2003
Reviews: Good Girls Gone Bad Kirkus ReviewsAcerbic wit and pathos distinguish Medoff's accomplished second novel…Medoff beautifully balances the women's diverting quirkiness with Janey's own sincere struggle in choosing life over death. Another success, combining genuine psychological depth with...
Hunger Point, 2002 edition
Reviews: Hunger Point Vanity Fair [A] wonderfully obsessive novel. The wise-cracking heroine of Jillian Medoff's bitterly funny Hunger Point deals with her dysfunctional universe by gorging herself on sex. New York Times The novel is Frannie's semi-picaresque odyssey from self-loathing to self-...
The Enchantress of Florence is the story of a mysterious woman, a great beauty believed to possess the powers of enchantment and sorcery, attempting to command her own destiny in a man’s world. It is the story of two cities at the height of their powers–the hedonistic Mughal capital, in which the...
Jane, a loving mother of two, has drowned her toddler son and is charged with his murder in this powerful examination of love, loss, and family legacy. When a prosecutor decides Jane’s husband Tom is partially to blame for the death and charges him with “failure to protect,” Tom’s attorney proposes...