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How the French Invented Love.jpg
How the French love love!  It occupies an honored place in their sense of identity, on a par with fashion, food, wine, and the rights of man.  For hundreds of years, the French have championed themselves as guides to the art of love.  Marilyn Yalom distills her readings of...
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Bumping About Brittany is a guidebook with a difference, a series of excursions into the cultural, physical and emotional heartland of Brittany that can be followed up on the ground or simply consumed in the comfort of your own home as a good read. Taken together, the twenty-five chapters/...
The promises of "liberty, equality, and fraternity" did not extend to women, but with the publication of Blood Sisters, the voices of the women who witnessed the French Revolution are finally restored to history. They left us an invaluable legacy - some eighty accounts of what they saw and...