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Jerusalem Maiden.JPG
“The Red Tent” meets “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” In 1911, in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem under the backward Ottoman rule, a young woman sets out to challenge God. The feisty Esther’s life-long struggle between her passions and her strict society’s religious dictates sends her to secretly...
A middle-aged woman, wife, and mother is reincarnated as a young, single drug addict who must kick her habit before she can rejoin her family, and who finds that her current body's past is intertwined with that of her previous life.
The Red Garden.jpg
The Red Garden presents us with the luminous and haunting world of Blackwell, Massachusetts as it captures the unexpected turns in history and in our own lives. Beautifully crafted, shimmering with magic, The Red Garden is a transforming glimpse into small town America, presenting us with 300 years...
The Mechanics of Falling
Short stories set in the San Francisco Bay Area, exploring what happens when the seemingly fixed coordinates of our lives abruptly give way. The main characters share a fundamental predicament, the struggle to name and embrace some faith that can break their fall.
Boiling Point
As Chaitén sleeps... Two microbiologists monitor the effects of global warming in the shadow of the long-dormant volcano. A celebrity scientist and his film crew arrive at the caldera to capture Chaitén’s spectacular scenery for a television audience. And a Nobel Prize-winning scientist sits in his...
John Hancock
John Hancock is a book about a young boy who receives a gift from his Uncle that makes his thoughts come alive. The young boy's name is John Hancock. Only when he signs his name does his imagination take flight.  John is a twelve year old boy living in North Carolina. He comes from a caring middle...
What might have happened if Psyche and Eros had been east Texas trailer trash.
Dreamspell Revenge med.jpg
Wouldn't you love to have some sweet revenge? Enjoy this assortment of fifteen mystery and suspense stories. Malignancy by Jan Melara Revenge takes its toll on a doctor and a nurse in this behind-the-scenes hospital drama. You Don't Say by Randy Rohn There's a roadblock up ahead. Maybe you...