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I have always believed that our dogs have a real sense of what goes on in our lives. This story’s main character is a ghost, but it is his dog that steals the stage. The characters and locations are parts of people and places I have known in my long years surfing,sailboarding and being a boat...
Poised on the edge of adulthood, seventeen-year-old Suzen VanderZee is waiting for her life to begin. Her fifteen-year-old brother, Evan, is bored with small-town life and dreaves of travel, while at the same time mesmerized by Soci, the new (and possibly bad) girl at school. As Suzen realizes a...
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After the sudden death of her husband, Anna Rainey is emotionally unable to return to the home they shared. Instead, she becomes a perpetual houseguest, going from friend to friend, seeking the solace and security in their lives that she no longer feels in her own. And through her connections with...
When they were children, Alice, Griffin, and Dinah Stenen, lost their parents in two separate tragedies. As adults, their lives become further complicated—and their bonds strengthened or tested—by unplanned parenthood, infidelity, and loss.Without their parents' guidance, they falter. But what they...
Terror Book
TWO SISTERS, Mary and Deloris, each with four innocent virgin daughters are traveling down different paths of self-destruction, in reaching for the gold ring of becoming a member of an interstellar wealthy and debt free society. One or both will pay that ultimate price to the Grim Ripper,...
Anthology: From Joburg to Jozi
Heidi Holland and Adam Roberts asked fellow journalists and writers - South Africans and foreigners who have lived in Johannesburg - to write about the city. Out of this emerged FROM JOBURG TO JOZI, idiosyncratic reactions to Egoli, Jozi, the City of Gold. This collection of writings has a vibrancy...
Shards of Summer
Ken Bruen, author of Once Were Cops, calls Shards of Summer "The Great Gatsby for the beach generation."  Shards of Summer takes you on a trip to the beach that you won't soon forget. Flashing back to the mid-1940s--the perfect decade for a gritty noir--Shards immerses you in that era's...
His Salvation
Ten years have passed since that hot July night, when Seth McCullough walked away from Krista Chancellor, his high school sweetheart; determined to keep his dark, tumultuous past from tainting her beautiful light. He thought he had buried his demons forever when he cut ties and joined the military...
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BUF is an abnormal novel that will surprise you and perk you up.