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Product DescriptionIn downtown Manhattan, a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams...In small-town Minnesota, a teenage orphan struggles with a knowledge beyond his years-and a destiny he wants no part of...In California, young and old, hipsters and hippies, fall under the spell...
The human head is believed to remain in a state of consciousness for one and one-half minutes after decapitation. In a heightened state of emotion, people speak at the rate of 160 words per minute. Inspired by the intersection of these two seemingly unrelated concepts, Pulitzer Prize-winning author...
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The night before the turn of the millennium, a tour bus bound for a Louisiana casino is suddenly beamed inside a spaceship hovering high above the Earth's surface. As its twelve passengers emerge nervously from the vehicle, they come face-to-face with the being who has brought them aboard, a...
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Amazon.com Review Robert Olen Butler's last short story collection, A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain, was a keen, piercing book told largely in the voice of Vietnamese immigrants to America. To say that his new collection is a departure is an understatement: Butler has taken actual headlines...
Jose Saramago
A biographical and literary account of Portugese novelist Jose Saramago.
Cover art copyright 2009 by Stanley Cyr
For Gary, today starts out like any other. He gets up, heads to the kitchen for his meds, and his wife makes the request he's been dreading. "I need a character and a problem." This wouldn't normally be an issue, except, the things Gary imagines, wishes, and dreams, come to life. And the...
A few local Night Angels
Bleak History, a novel by John Shirley, new from Simon and Schuster
An urban fantasy novel about a paranormally gifted ex soldier with PTSD and a strange childhood--and his confrontation with a diabolically twisted government agency for the control of paranormals. Also concerns his romance with a woman agent of that agency and his relationship to other...
SHADOW BOYS: Escape from the Mantlerealm
The Shadow Boys, self-named for their ability to hide within their own shadows, were captured in a brutal battle that evil won. A spell covered up the treachery, wiping the boys and the war from the world’s memory. Years later, a girl discovers their mystery and learns that the Shadow Boys have not...
The Truthsayer's Apprentice
When raiders murder Granmar the Truthsayer and steal his magical robe of office, young Dalin of Nevi--Granmar's apprentice--sets out on a perilous journey to recover the robe and avenge his master. Christian's (Mainline) use of alternating chapters to follow the progress of Dalin and his quarry...