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The Bone Whistle
On the ice planet of Nevya, people rely on Cantors and Cantrixes, men and women with the ability to channel psi energy through music, creating heat and light. Mreen is possibly the most talented Cantrix on Nevya—but she is unable to make a sound. She is accompanied to her first posting by a younger...
From the first two-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award in the children's category come this gripping collection of eight tales of the weird and otherworldly. In the title story, madness awaits inside a statue created by an insane dying artist. "The Lily and the Weaver's Heart" is a tale...
A collection of fifteen short stories, some science fiction and some fantasy: Wayfinder Sisters in Fantasy The Antagonist The Fleet 2: Counter Attack Tale of the Snowbeast Elfquest: The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 1 The Crash   The Firefall   Silverdown's Gold Horse Fantastic Double...
Infoquake (Solaris mass market edition)
Infoquake, the debut novel by web programmer David Louis Edelman, takes speculative fiction into alien territory: the corporate boardroom of the far future. It’s a stunning trip through the trenches of a technological war fought with product demos, press releases and sales pitches. Natch is a...
So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy is an anthology of original new stories by leading African, Asian, South Asian and Aboriginal authors, as well as North American and British writers of color. Stories of imagined futures abound in Western writing. Writer and editor...