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Academy Award-winning screenwriter of the film American Beauty and creator of the HBO series Six Feet Under, Alan Ball has consistently probed the cultural forces shaping gender, sexuality, and death in the United States. Through gritty dialogue and edgy humor, Ball centers much of his social...
A compelling and innovative television writer, David Chase has created distinctive programs since the 1970s, each reflecting his edgy humor and psychological realism. These critical essays examine Chase's television writings, placing particular emphasis on how his past works have shaped and...
Aaron Sorkin is one of the most notable voices in Hollywood, attracting millions of weekly viewers with his television series The West Wing and scoring box office success with films like A Few Good Men and The American President. With a musician's sense of rhythm and writing skills honed in the...
Maya Gottfried's essay, "Untitled" is included in this anthology by and about individuals raised in interfaith homes. Edited by Laurel Snyder. Written by authors born into the so-called “dilemma of intermarriage,” the stories in Half/Life explore the experience of being raised in a half-...
Sleeping With One Eye Open: Women Writers and the Art of Survival
This is a collection of original essays by well-known women writers in every genre, about how to get past obstacles in your writing.  It is geared especially to women writers, but men seeking inspiration for the creative process will also benefit.    Authors include Denise Levertov,...
The Art of College Teaching
A collection of essays by a variety of teachers -- from professors to a golf instructor -- about the craft of teaching.
To camp or not to camp? Sociologists turn the other way, this question is not for you. Tradition is a powerful force in my family, and camping is one of our yearly traditions. But what happens when it stops being fun? 
This engaging, endearing collection of true-life stories reveals the guts and glory of women old enough to know who they are.
A funny, poignant monthly column in Literary Mama exploring the author's fourth generation Red Diaper Baby heritage and how that legacy informs her parenting.