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Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century by Judith Laura
The first part of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics, compares concepts of emerging Goddess religions to concepts of Abrahamic religions, especially Christianity and Judaism. These concepts include immanence and transcendence and nature of deity. The book...
The bad news: there probably isn’t a thin person inside you waiting to get out. But there just might be a happy, confident, awesome fat person in there – and this book will help you find her. Bloggers Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby have lost count of how many diets they’ve been on. Between them,...
WHEN RACE BECOMES REAL: Black and White Writers Confront Their Personal Histories
In these personal, evocative, original essays, thirty contemporary black and white, young and older writers--from Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur Award winners to brand new voices--share their intimate racial experiences as they take unflinching looks at society and themselves. An incisive, powerful...
Cover Photo:  Bahman Farzad
PAVE YOUR WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT   Bet you thought the audience for Buddhism is fairly marginal, but have you heard? — one in eight Americans admit the influence of teachings of the Buddha as playing a positive role in their lives. This timeless path is one of the fastest growing today —...
AGNI 66 in which Bendithion was first published.
"Bendithion",  the essay, is a liminal tale about a reclusive, stunningly talented and almost magical tenor, the Postmaster of a little town in Wales and the strange, chaste, romantic-friendship we shared. This essay is actually part of an epistolary novel I am currently writing also...
Moonman Front Cover
A career-spanning retrospective of the work of one of Long Beach's most accomplished and enduring poets, "Moonman: New and Selected Poems," once again establishes Clifton Snider as Southern California's answer to W.H. Auden. A beautiful, stunningly impressive book. (From World Parade Books on...
Steve's Hands, by Lad Strayer
Prose-poem portraits by Jennifer Burd and photographs by Lad Strayer of moments and individuals from the Daily Bread of Lenawee Soup Kitchen (Adrian, MI) and local areas.
Hispanic Nation
Presents the diverse histories of Spanish-speaking minorities in the U.S., including Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Cubans and the many others, and analyzes the processes drawing people from over 20 different Spanish-speaking countries to coalesce as a single, though diverse, ethnic group. Includes...