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Control-freak Judith McBride is dead and never looked better, but has a little trouble giving up the ghost...so to speak.
"If the spirit of a loving wife can't nudge her husband in the right direction, who can?" So thinks thirty-something Judith McBride, a Jewish control freak with an unlikely last name. When she dies in a medical mishap, she calls on her supernatural status to "rescue" her...
Dark Waters by Gabriella Hewitt
A predator stalks paradise and she’s next. The ICE Files On a tropical isle, Frankie Montalvo discovers roots to a past she never knew. Tales of witchcraft, missing girls and el chupacabra surround her, but it will take more than superstitions to scare her away. Determined to create her own home,...
RealLifeLiars pb c.JPG
As a wilted flower child, Mira Zielinski has never been one to follow orders. Not from her husband, not from her boss - not even from her oncologist. Mira has her own idea about handling her newly diagnosed breast cancer, and it does not involve hopping up on the operating table. Her grown...
The Honey Thief
Elizabeth Graver's first novel, Unravelling, was hailed on publication as "exceptional" (The New York Times Book Review), "a pleasure" (The New Yorker), and "exquisitely poignant and sensual" (The Boston Globe). Now, in her second novel, she proves herself to be a...
Time on My Hands.jpg
Travel writer Gabriel Prince runs into an eccentric fellow American at the Musee des Techniques in Paris. Turns out Jasper Hudnut is a noted physicist who has (1) access to a time machine; and (2) a propostion--how would Gabriel like to go back in time and sidetrack Ronald Reagan's path to the...
What would happen, I wondered in mid-1982, if Israel actually invaded Lebanon. So I started writing a book, and wouldn't you know it, Israel actually invaded Lebanon, which somewhat detracted from the novel's fantasy element. Fortunately, the other part I made up didn't happen. That would be...
Games of Chance.jpg
A thriller set in New York, South Florida, and the Basque country of Spain. A burnt-out pop culture journalist meets a mysterious cocaine dealer at a poker game. At the latter's suggestion, the former looks up a an equally mysterious young woman in Florida, where they encounter malefic Cubans and...
Trouble the Water
A Lowcountry tale about hope, healing, and the mysterious powers of sisterhood. Set in the South Carolina Sea Islands, Nicole Seitz's second novel once again delves into the mysteries surrounding life and death, following the stories of a capricious widow and two middle-aged sisters. When their...
Harley's Ninth
Girl Factory
A yogurt parlor in a corner mall somewhere in the city of St. Nils contains a dark secret in its basement, and Jonathan, the mostly clueless clerk who works there, just wants to fix things once and for all. But beginning with an early encounter in an animal shelter that leaves three dead, things...