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For more than five years, journalist Terry Phillips served as moderator for QUALITY OF LIFE, the popular interview/call-in program on Central California's NPR station. He ended most broadcasts with some personal reflections ("CommenTerry"). Here is an oft-requested collection of his radio...
In 1985, when women's poetry was not as prevalent as it is today, Melissa Clark asks men to listen very, very hard to what women say about their own self-perception, and not how men, such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, or Dr. Frankenstein have perceived them.  She asks that they listen as though...
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The Valley Planet is a community-minded publication that was created  to meet the cultural needs of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.  The Valley Planet is dedicated to promoting the ideas, arts and events that make the Tennessee Valley unique. The Valley Planet is a locally-owned magazine/...
A walk through the second anual Fashion's Night Out.
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A new collection of essays first published in The New York Times and Playboy. Reed tackles subjects including Oakland, eugenics, and domestic violence.
In this powerful follow-up to Between Barack and a Hard Place, Tim Wise argues against "colorblindness" and for a deeper color-consciousness in both public and private practice. We can only begin to move toward authentic social and economic equity through what Wise calls "illuminated...
Ditch the PINK RIBBON!
 What do many personal blogs and BIG FAMOUS websites have in common:  endorsements.  I have ditched the PINK RIBBON since Feb 2009.  Find out why.
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Is the separation of church and state a myth? Was the United States founded as a "Christian nation"? Religious Right organizations have launched a systematic propaganda war against the separation of church and state. Their aim is to convince the American public that church-state...
More than two centuries after the signing of The Declaration of Independence, finally ... the sequel! Over two centuries ago, our founding generation gave humanity a revolutionary new worldview in The Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created...