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Features a new culturally diverse fairy on each page. Companion to Prairie Fairies DVD-Book.
This is a collection of my poetry from ages five through ten.
Billy and Benny are carefully led away by the very sly lizzard, Larry, deep into a very dangerous situation. A good samaritan, Brodie Bullfrog, leaps in to help. This is an excellent book to aide parents and teachers in teaching the concept of potential dangers.    
  "Along the Akamina Highway or Prince of Wales Hotel Above a chain of lakes or near Oil City Well Deep in Red Rock Canyon or under Cameron Falls Animals are everywhere, discover each and all!"
Pity poor Alex Anklebone, so nicknamed for his aggravating habit of tugging on his mother's skirts and "nipping" at her ankles when he wants her to play. Baby brother Tommy is demanding all his mother's attention these days and he's not happy about it! More and more often, it seems, he is...
for $11.04 for $5.98 for $12.99   JANUARY'S CHILD offers a fun and unique way to celebrate your birth month and discover your birthday gifts. From January to December, each birth month is paired with a whimsical animal painted in vibrant jewel tones and an...
Solid Ground
Upheaval, violence, chasmand split. Such words describe San Francisco's Great Earthquake of 1906, and other temblors on the San Andreas Fault where the Pacific and North American Plates slide and grind. Stress, displacement, turbulence, rupture: these words also describe the lives of many...