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Written by Anthony Adolph (pictured, below) This book was written for children aged from eight to 12, though with the hope that it will make an interesting introduction to genealogy for children of all ages, from eight to more like 100. PART ONE: PLANTING THE FAMILY TREE What Granny remembers:...
A biography of the naturalist and explorer who helped found the Sierra Club and was influential in the development of our national park system.
A biography of the biologist and environmentalist author describes Carson's early childhood, her early books about undersea life, her growing concern for the environment, the publication of the controversial book, Silent Spring, and her battle against cancer.
An adaptation of Marion Russell's book Land of Enchantment describes her eventful 1852 journey with her mother and brother from Kansas to California over the Santa Fe trail in a large wagon train.
Tells the life story of the author of the "Little House" books from her childhood in Wisconsin to her death at Rocky Ridge Farm at the age of ninety.
When the American poet and naturalist John Burroughs opened his door to observe the world around him, his written findings became an inspiration to people all across the country. His published work was both widely read and acclaimed, and Slabsides, his home in the Catskills, became a favorite...
Prowling the Seas
One racing turtleOne traveling tunaOne vacationing sharkTwo wandering seabirds...And one big ocean.Tag along! High-tech satellite tags have revolutionized the study of large ocean predators--animals that often can't be kept in captivity or observed easily in the wild. Over the years I wrote a...
The Frog Scientist
“My interest in [frogs] started when I was four or five. I tell kids, if there is something you like doing—stick with it!” When Tyrone Hayes was growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, he didn't worry about pesticides in water. He just liked to wade in and collect frogs, snapping turtles, and...