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In the daytime a cat is a tame, cuddly, playful bundle of fluff. But, at night he becomes aware of his true nature and, “drawn by sweet memories of caves and jungle trees,” goes “down through the hall once more, out through the kitty door, into the night.” Jr. Literary Guild selection; New York...
The Power of Un
Everyone knows a computer's "undo" command will erase a mistake.  Thanks to a device called the Unner, middle-schooler Gib Finney can do the same thing -- in real life.  At first he thinks this is better than winning the lottery; he'll never flunk another test, never lose another bet,...
A story about the legendary Navajo spider woman, a sacred being who taught the Navajo how to weave blankets so they could survive the cold. N.Y. Public Library "100 Best Children's Books of the Year"
CINDER RABBIT by Lynn E. Hazen, illustrated by Elyse Pastel
  "Children will hop, skip, and jump to read this story again and again. A delightful early reader." --Elissa Haden Guest, author of the Iris and Walter series "Hip hop hurrah for Hazen's satisfying romp about a courageous rabbit who saves the day and the school play!...
Firefighters in the Dark
At night, a girl hears the sirens from the fire station near her house.Even though it is dark outside, she knows where they are going: toa castle, to a garden, all the way to Pluto . . . Dashka Slater and Nicoletta Ceccoli have crafted a dreamy ode tofirefighters everywhere and the big, brave,...
Wish Magic
Meg doesn't suspect anything when her weird brother gives her a sugar doughnut. But soon, she realizes she has special powers --everything she wishes for comes true!
The Ghost of Shady Lane
Creepy, run down, and possibly haunted, "The Boogerman House" becomes the object of Anne's fascination as she researches this historic landmark for a school assignment. Reports of eerie piano music and a ghostly "Gray Lady" have been circulating for generations. Are they true...
The Burning Pendulum
Juniper had no idea that donating her favorite books-a series about psychic teenagers solving mysteries-to the school library would result in a heated protest that pits her unyielding mother against irate parents determined to ban the so-called "wicked" literature. Desperate to escape...
Mirror, Mirror
This exuberant, sixth installment of the Fortune Teller's Club Series focuses on Gena, the wise-cracking tomboy of their group. She needs to buy a fancy dress for a ball and dreads the shopping trip, but not because she hates wearing frilly dresses. Gena's afraid to look in the mirror. When she...
Hand of Fate
A car accident prevents Anne from possibly winning the Cheerleader of the Year award. This odd twist of fate provokes the Fortune Tellers Club to explore the cause of the accident. Using astrology and other fortune telling techniques the girls discover a strange connection between Anne and a woman...