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This funny, endearingly honest tale of tempers lost and tenderness found is sure to appeal to spirited readers everywhere. Harriet's fed up! She and Mama had a big fight, and now Harriet's planning to run away. Grandma's kisses won't stop her. Papa's spaghetti sauce won't stop her. Mama's cozy...
From BooklistSeymour Snail hopes to be a great artist someday, but he feels shy about showing his work. He is thrilled to get a job in an art gallery, but he is bullied by his new boss, Mr. Stink Bug. At last, though, Seymour's slimy glitter art is recognized by Mr. Stink Bug's client, Lady...
An Apple Pie for Dinner
Picture book retelling of an English folk tale in which kind old Granny Smith swaps her way from plums to apples for a delicious pie.  Includes kid-friendly apple pie recipe.  Illustrated in 3-D mixed-media art by Carol Baicker-McKee.
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Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner is the second book in the Tofu Ling Series. Tango No Sekku, Boys' Festival, and TaeKwonDo tournament are quickly approaching as Tofu vows to work very hard to earn his Taekwondo green belt. However, shortly before the festival and tournament, a family tragedy requires...
Father comes to the rescue when the twins can't agree about what to do with the big hole in the backyard. "Deftly captures the quirks of youngsters leaving toddlerhood behind."--Booklist.
Petey's in no hurry to go to sleep, but he loves being put to bed -- the bath, the books, the hugs, the chases, and, best of all, the story of the day he was born. One night, with Mommy and Daddy too sleepy to go on, Petey tells his own version of the day he came stomping into the world, cowboy...
When twins Jimmy and Janet squabble over Janet's collection of "thingamajigs" their mom presents them with a "grown-up" surprise and Janet's collection becomes a thingamajig of the past. "The softly colored illustrations neatly catch the spirit of this slice of real life....
Aha! Boo! Cock-a-doodle-doo! It's morning on the farm, and there are sights and sounds galore. Donkeys are braying, pigs are grunting, cows are mooing-even the jays are jabbering! From clucks and cackles to rumbles and whoops, this rollicking alphabet book takes young readers on a barnyard romp...
Four-year-old twins Jimmy and Janet can't wait to grow up. So when they go off to get new shoes, they buy bright red boots that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and grow along with them. "Catches the nuances of preschool concerns with extraordinary precision."--Kirkus Reviews.
Can imaginative Emily make her biggest dream come true? Spunky Emily Bartlett lives in an old farmhouse in Pitchfork, Oregon'at a time when automobiles are brand-new inventions and libraries are a luxury few small towns can afford. Her runaway imagination leads her to bleach a horse, hold a very...