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Wife Goes On
WIFE GOES ON chronicles, with wit and intelligence, the lives of four women living in Los Angeles, each in various stages of divorce. When these women find each other, they develop a support network stronger than any marriage. “Husbands may come and go, but friendships are forever.”
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The first time you met Sydney Alexander, she was a bonafide train wreck in all things dating. Now that's happily married, she's acquired a bit of an Emma complex and started playing serial matchmaker. So will her quest to help her friends find love be successful? Hmmm, you gotta read to find out.
Sydney Alexander is a travel writer. She's a very well-dressed travel writer—hasn't yet met a shoe or clearance sale she could pass up. She's funny. She's got a great relationship with her sis. She's got a hilarious best friend, Rain, who happens to be a hippie. And she's got a wonderful...
Hot Flash
Calm, cool, and premenopausal? In this laugh-out-loud story about self discovery and coming to terms with aging, forty-year-old Jill Morgan Storm sets out to find the man of—if not her dreams, her son's college tuition. Thanks to survey responses from couples celebrating significant anniversaries,...
THE RICHLY IMAGINED SAGA OF DEBORAH, THE COURAGEOUS BIBLICAL WARRIOR, PROPHETESS AND LEADER WHO SAVED HER PEOPLE FROM CERTAIN DESTRUCTION In ancient Israel, war is looming. Deborah has coerced warrior Barak into launching a strike against the neighboring Canaanites, who threaten their people with...
A HISTORICAL MYSTERY NOVEL IMAGINES THE RIVETING STORY BEHIND THE BOOK OF RUTH Sitting beneath a tree in ancient Bethlehem, Osnath, niece of the prophet Samuel, examines a dusty scrap of parchment she found hidden in her relative's scroll room. Scrawled on the decaying page is an intriguing message...
A BEAUTIFUL, SENSUAL NOVEL FEATURING ONE OF THE MOST BELOVED HEROINES OF THE BIBLE Hannah and Pninah, once close childhood friends, become rivals for the attention of Elkanah, the man who has married them both. Pninah, passionate and independent, easily bears Elkanah many children, but bitter that...
Magic and the Modern Girl
Men come and go, but magic is forever, right? Wrong. After a few months of letting witchcraft slide, Jane Madison discovers that not using her powers has her rapidly losing them. Meanwhile, her warder is avoiding her, her familiar has moved out, her mother is abandoing her again and her...
Girl's Guide to Witchcraft
Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three. She's working as a librarian, trapped in absurd period costumes and serving up expensive lattes, all in an effort to keep her employer's budget in the black. She has a desperate crush on her Imaginary Boyfriend, a professor who regularly uses her...
Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
When Delilah "Baby" Sampson, a window washer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, develops a passion for Jimmy Choos, she turns to her father's profession, casino blackjack, to feed her expensive habit.