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In The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty, veteran Wall Street Journal writer Julia Flynn Siler chronicles the turbulence that has roiled four generations of Mondavis and the business they built into an empire. Drawing on meticulous research and hundreds of interviews...
For many people, negotiating an agreement is an adversarial process. But in this book, conflict resolution expert Stewart Levine shows how to design agreements collaboratively to reflect a clear joint vision of the desired outcome and produce results. The Book of Agreement provides ten powerful...
“The techniques used to sell ideas in Hollywood not only work in other businesses, they often work better.”--from GOOD IN A ROOM Whether you intend to ask for a raise, sign a potential client, promote a new business or secure financing for a creative project, GOOD IN A ROOM shows you how to: -...
Leading book about the wide ranging and rapidly changing television industry: distribution, production, marketing, legal, FCC, rights, international, big media companies US and global. Also includes detailed analyses of special uses of television: religious, home shopping, non-commercial, etc.
Conquering Cold-Calling Fear provides the surefire shortcuts to make your sales life easier, more fun, and more successful. Combining years of sales and management experience, ability as an educator, and hands-on training from Tony Robbins, Dr. Philip LeNoble, and Harry Friedman, Don Surath created...
Since 1975, this book has been the bible of scrupulous landlords and landladies. It's a comprehensive and readable reference on how to attract and keep good tenants and make good landlording decisions.
For women who want to become business leaders, this book uses self-study activities to help readers understand and develop the leadership skills required for business success. Topics include communication styles, team building, differences between male and female leadership styles, and much more.
Are you psychologically prepared for retirement? Are your parents prepared for retirement? While most people take great care with the financial planning aspect of retirement, how many consider the huge life shift that it heralds? Retirement is more than "not working" and comprehensive...
Never Confuse a Memo With Reality: And Other Business Lessons Too Simple Not To Know
Amazon.comRichard A. Moran has distilled the businessplace into a collection of 355 aphorisms that run the range from the often-overlooked ("Don't get drunk at the company holiday party") to the potentially career-saving ("When you get the entrepreneurial urge, go visit someone who's...
Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts:  Fundamental Business and Life Lessons You Must Know
The bestselling bullet point king is back with his most comprehensive guide, Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts: Fundamental Business and Life Lessons You Must Know. Imparting more than just humorous observations, Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts offers prescriptions for the common workplace ills. These insights are...