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Cherry Blossom Epiphany -- the poetry and philosophy of a flowering tree
3000 haiku about cherry trees, cherry blossoms, and blossom-viewing: the most haiku about a single theme ever found in one book. The haiku are divided into 60 chapters, chronological (following the viewing from the wait to the trip home), phenomenological (buds, types of trees, bloom, drinking,...
The holothurian ossicles are from a photo by Dr. Mike Reich, one a many fine biologists who cooperated w/ this cross-genre book
900+ translated haiku, all on the sea cucumber and most over a hundred years old, with a good measure of natural history. You might know about Ponge and his object poems, but the sea cucumber, a featureless and formless (protean) animal without a ganglia of brain, is the ultimate "thing,...
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The Rough Guide to Shopping with a Conscience
Sweatshops, fair trade, climate change, ethical investment, organic food...shopping can sometimes feel like a moral minefield. Which companies and products should we support or avoid? And which claims of social responsibility can we trust? The Rough Guide to Shopping with a Conscience cuts through...
Fernando's Gift
The story of Fernando, a young boy who lives in the rain forest of Costa Rica. Readers can follow Fernando's adventures as he picks bananas off the tree right outside his door, and goes swimming in the local river. One day Fernando and his friend go looking for their favorite climbing tree and...
Molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn--one of Time magazine's 100 "Most Influential People in the World" in 2007--made headlines in 2004 when she was dismissed from the President's Council on Bioethics after objecting to the council's call for a moratorium on stem cell research and protesting the...