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The History of Virtue and Corruption:
The History of Virtue and Corruption: Western Civilization, from Athens to America, demonstrates the meaning and incomplete record of American scholarship; (historiography and historicity or historical non-fiction). It does this by analyzing and qualifying; nearly one hundred years of American...
"A wonderful compendium of interesting subjects and fascinating topics. Will keep you reading just to found out what's going to be covered next. Highly recommended for all lovers of weird & wonderful this side of the Universe." -Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.  Peek under the rugs, open...
Author Jim T. Lindsey in the open Atlantic
"A flaw in the fabric of the way things are, and a mad monk who wanders through time as well as space, jolt down-on-his-luck tour guide Raymond Kidd out of a lethargic solitude, reuniting him with his wives in two separate lifetimes and then tearing him away from them both to go rescue another...